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What Others are Saying About Online Fitness Log

This site is the best thing ever! So far I've lost 6 lbs which is probably water weight to start off with but it's happened relatively fast for me. It's Saturday morning right now and on Tuesday it will be week one. I'm not starving myself either. I've been keeping my nutrition ratios in line with a 55% carbs, 30% protien and 15% fat intake in my total calories and I feel fabulous. Just having this website as a guide to keep me focused in the right direction I've been having great results. I honestly feel that because my nutrition ratios are correct now that I feel so much better and I eat less without feeling hungry. Thanks to the developer of this site! What an amazing tool.

I found this website after searching for something that would help me keep track of my nutrition and exercise, and allow me to do it in a safe and healthy way. No fad diets for me anymore! I am learning the importance of proteins and carbohydrates and fat... I honestly didn't realize before last week that those diets that say to cut the carbs or fats out completely are not good for you! It is helping to write down everything I eat and all the exercise I do... it's keeping me motivated to see all the hard work written down!

I just found this site 2 days ago. I love it! I joined the Gold's Gym 12 week Fitness Challenge (not a member) and have to track my work outs and diet info. I searched through a couple of different sites until I came across this one. I can input all my info and print out the summary easily. Did not take long to figure out where everything was even though I have never used anything like this before. Great site, even better tool to help you to a goal and keep you honest with what you are doing.

The best thing about this site is that it helps remove the need for luck and replaces it with common sense! I have been using it for over a month now and have found it to be a great monitoring and motivational tool. I am addicted to it!! I had got out of the fitness and healthy eating routine and was slipping in to lazy ways and careless eating habits. Since I have been logging on to the OFL I have also seen a steady weight loss and my cardio fitness has improved noticeably.

With the diet monitoring this site affords me I have managed to get my body fat down and thanks to hard work and good supplements I have gained some lean muscle mass. Am feeling good about myself again. I took my BP every morning and was able to convince my Dr to lower my BP medicine. I tracked it about six weeks or so. Take advantage of this great site. Be diligent with your nutrition AND HONEST and it will help you obtain your goals.

This site is great - easy to use and comprehensive in its coverage. By way of example, the simple discipline of entering the nutritional log has helped me realize how easy it is to pile on the calories. I now find myself thinking twice before reaching out to snack or grab something to eat! I have been with the site for about 5 days and it has really helped me. Will definitely recommend this to my friends and family. Thank you so much!

I came across this site and I gotta say that I just LOVE it! Since I started documenting all of my food and my exercise on here, I have found that I am so much more conscientious about what I put in my mouth. I don’t want to have to look at the overabundance of calories, or how much fat I ate for the day. I love how you can see your goal weight and how long it will take you to achieve it. That is such a motivator!

I just want to tell you this is the BEST website I have ever visited. I have joined Weight Watchers online in the past, and I can't believe I spent all that money, when you offer the same features for free!!! I am so excited. Thank you so much for developing this wonderful tool. I need to lose 50lbs and I really need some online tracking for all my meals and exercise. Your website is fantastic!

Thanks for this wonderful site. I like it so well I sent money because I hope you guys are around a long time. Seeing my food intake via graphs and charts make it a lot easier to body build. Right now I have no other comments but just wanted you to know how good this site and its entire concept is.

Thanks for the great site. I started using it to track my bike rides and workouts, but quickly saw how powerful the other tools were. I used it to track my nutrition, and I credit your site with helping me lose 30 pounds and achieve a healthy weight after a long time of unsuccessful attempts.

I have been using for several years and was satisfied until I saw this site. It is a wonderful tool and is now my favorite fitness log. There are so many extras with this site, and I love the summary page where I can see everything that I did on a particular day.

Firstly, thank you so very much for your hard work on this website. You've created a wonderful thing here. You are helping a remarkable number of people get fit and healthy, including myself. Even more so, you've made its use freely available. Amazing! I love this site.

Just starting using the site this week, and so far I am very impressed! In the past I've used Dailyburn, DailyMile and Livestrong, and all are good, but all have parts missing that I wanted. So far, OFL has all 3 beat in my book. Keep up the good work!

Hey, i just wanted to say i love this system! It has given me great insight into how well i am actually eating and where i could improve. I especially like how customizable it is and how community driven it is! Thanks so much!

I've been using OFL since 2010. I keep shopping around, but have never found another online tool as clean or comprehensive for both cardio and strength training. You're doing such a great job of growing this program!

I'm happy to find a clear, well designed and usable training log... there are so many clunky, and excessively complicated sites around but this site looks great.

I think my favourite feature on this site that makes it stand above the others are the graphs, I especially love the Calorie Consumed/Expended Graph.

I build web applications for a living and I must say the aesthetics of the site are great. The functionality is also really good...great product.

The site is FANTASTIC and has made the difference for me between hitting my goals and ...not. I am on it everyday and reccomend to friends.

This is by far the best workout/fitness log I have ever found online and I've been an avid exerciser for over 30 years.

Thank you very much! I'm back in and can see all my data. I appreciate the prompt response - not bad for a free site :-)

Awesome app - easy to use and great nutrition/fitness activity integration - just what I was looking for - thanks!

I love OFL & I've referred so many people. Best site & support ever!

Great resource for our employee wellness program.

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