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personal health, nutrition, and fitness tracking
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  •  Create a plan that works for you
  •  Make informed decisions
  •  Visualize your progress
  •  Stay motivated and energized
  •  Look and feel your best
  •  Lose weight and trim fat
  •  Stay healthy and vibrant
  •  Achieve your goals

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Licensing the Online Fitness Log Platform

Fitness professionals benefit from the added value of a private-label health, exercise, and diet tracking application.

Do you have clients or customers who would benefit from an Online Fitness Log membership? Instead of simply sending your customers to our website, consider licensing the application and offering it as your own. It makes a great add-on service to existing fitness-related products or services and will certainly increase the value of your offering.

Fill out the form to the right to get more information about licensing the Online Fitness Log application. Be sure to include your phone number with your request so that we can contact you to discuss your specific needs.

Who Is It For?

Facing ever-increasing health care costs, wellness initiatives are becoming increasingly popular in the corporate community. Offering a tool to help guide your employees to a healthier lifestyle can help decrease these costs in addition to making employees healthier, happier, and more productive. The Online Fitness Log application is not just for those associated with fitness-related industries; any company, organization, club, or group can benefit from providing it's members with a documented method of improving their health and fitness.

How Does It Work?

Licensing of the Online Fitness Log application is a simple process that can be completed within a couple of days. There is a small setup fee starting and a recurring monthly fee based on the number of active members (complete the form to the right for full pricing details). We will brand the application with your logo and host it on the domain of your choice. The application will appear as if it is your own with no mention of Online Fitness Log.


Online Fitness Log offers a wealth of features - not only will your members have access to all of the standard member features, your staff will be able to utilize the administrative features below.

Member Management
Member Management
Easily add/edit/delete members, view a member's log entries and calendar, log into a member's account, and manage member workout schedules.
User Levels
User Levels
Each member can be assigned one of three roles: a standard user; a coach/trainer who can only access members assigned to his/her group, and an administrator who has access to all admin features.
Categorize members into groups and assign coach/trainer(s) for efficient management and accountability.
Customization and Defaults
Customization & Defaults
Customize your application by requiring a registration code, adding custom exercises and workouts, personalizing the welcome email, and setting defaults for exercises and home page preferences.
Communicate directly with your members through a built in messaging system that displays messages in a home page module or a popup window.
Full featured message boards setup to your specifications and available to your members only. Features include private messaging, polls, moderators and more.
Generate individual and aggregate reports for eligibility requirements, competition results, or just to see how your members are improving their fitness.
Teams and Competitions
Teams & Competitions
Create teams and manage team members to compete in challenges. Members can see where they stand on the home page leaderboard module.
Single Sign-On
Single Sign-On
If your site already has a membership database, members can be authenticated on your site and then seamlessly integrated into the Online Fitness Log database.
Custom Development
Custom Development
Need a feature you don't see? Want to add or change functionality? Let us customize the application to meet your specific needs.
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